Open Readings

                                   OPEN READING SCHEDULE

***NEW READING LOCATION*** UPSTART CROW BOOKSTORE AND COFFEEHOUSE in Seaport Village. NEW READING TIME 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM. This is a charming bookstore and coffeehouse with comfortable chairs and tables serving coffee and snacks, books and gifts. Readings were previously here and now we’re back! Parking information below.



Phone 619.232.4855

Tuesday December 5th, 2017 – Merry Wives of Windsor (2nd Half)                                               Kim Keeline directing

                                                 THE PLAY

“Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness.” 

Sir John Falstaff, broke, has come to the town of Windsor with several of his disreputable followers and installs himself at the Garter Inn to be a nuisance to everybody. He promptly sets his lecherous sights on Mistress Page and Mistress Ford and tries to seduce them in order to get their money. The women, wise to his tricks, play along to expose him as a preposterous lecher. They turn the tables on him with a series of humiliations and a very damp, extremely smelly laundry basket with hilarious consequences. Meanwhile, we see the comical antics of two would be suitors as they vie for Mistress Page’s young daughter, Anne. In the end, Anne marries her true love, Falstaff is made a laughing stock, but in the best spirit of comedy, is then reconciled to the group.

                                     THE DIRECTOR

Shakespeare authority Kim Keeline will guide the reading. Kim has been an instructor in composition and literature, University of Southern California, Washington State University, PACE program, Mira Costa College, and Southwestern College. 1992-2006. She also organized and produced the celebrity sonnets for North County and the Old Globe in 2012 and 2013. Kim received the STAR Award from the San Diego Performing Arts League in 2012 for her work at the SDSS. She is a former associate general editor for The Shakespeare Standard.

This reading promises to be a lot of fun. Don’t miss it. See you here!


Seaport Village Parking Lot - Upstart Crow will validate your ticket with purchase. $5 for the first 3 hours.

Embarcadero Marina Park – Bring quarters to feed the meters about $2 worth (meters also take cards). Parking is free after 6:00 PM.

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For questions or comments please contact our Director of Readings: Darryl Woodson at

                                           NEW 2018 Schedule!

  • First Tuesday of every month at the Upstart Crow Bookstore in Seaport Village. Sponsored by the San Diego Shakespeare Society.6:45 PM to 8:45 PM. All Ages Welcome. Read or just listen. Bring your own text or buy at the shop. Limited number of Texts Provided:
  • Tuesday Jan 2:  Julius Caesar – Thomas Haine directing
  • Tuesday Feb 6:  Julius Caesar  (2nd Half) – Thomas Haine directing
  • Tuesday Mar 6:  Romeo and Juliet – Charles Riendeau directing
  • Tuesday Apr 3:  Romeo and Juliet (2nd Half)– Charles Riendeau directing
  • Tuesday May 1:  As you like it – Patricia Elmore Costa directing
  • Tuesday Jun 5:  As you like it  (2nd Half) – Patricia Elmore Costa directing
  • Tuesday July 3:  Much Ado about Nothing – Kim Keeline directing
  • Tuesday Aug 7:  Much Ado about Nothing (2nd Half) – Kim Keeline directing
  • Tuesday Sept 4: The Tempest – Gordon Gidlund directing
  • Tuesday Oct   2:  The Tempest  (2nd Half) – Gordon Gidlund directing
  • Tuesday Nov  6:  Macbeth– Darryl Woodson directing
  • Tuesday Dec. 4:  Macbeth (2nd Half) – Darryl Woodson directing                                  Parking:

Seaport Village Parking Lot - Upstart Crow will validate your ticket with purchase. $5 for the first three hours.

Embarcadero Marina Park – Metered parking so bring some quarters (meters also take cards). Parking is free after 8:00 PM.

For questions or comments please contact our Director of Readings: Darryl Woodson at

There’s also a Meetup page for our readings:

>> San Diego Shakespeare Society Meetup

FAQs about the Open Readings

Q:  Do I have to read?
A:  No, absolutely not.  You are welcome to show up and just watch.  We suspect, however, that it will look like too much fun for you to resist for long. A lot of newcomers don’t want to read initially but when they see how fun it is, they join in! But there is no pressure at all if you just want to watch and we have regular attendees who have never read.

Q: Do I have to bring a book?
A:  You don’t need to have a text if you just want to listen, but it can be fun to follow along in a text even if you are not reading. At readings held at libraries, copies are kindly provided by the library. At other readings, if you do want to read it is recommended that you bring your own copy of the text to be read that night, a Complete Works, or at least a smartphone or tablet so you can find the text online.

Q: Can I act as a specific character or be in a particular scene?
A:  That may be possible.  Each evening has an assigned director who has planned what scenes to cover.  If you are really anxious to act in a specific scene, talk to the director at the start and see what can be arranged.  No guarantees, but if the scene is being done that night, it might be possible.  All scenes are cast that night right before they are read, so usually everyone who wants to act has the chance to do at least a small role.

Q: Who can participate?
A:  Everyone!  They are free and open to the public.

Q: I went and it was fun. Are more readings planned in different locations?
A:  Great. We would like to expand to new venues where there may be an audience for this fun event.